Story of agnès b. Eyewear

agnès b. – the French lifestyle brand that designer Agnès Troublé founded in Paris in 1975, is a brand of style, enthusiasm and creativity. Her design, which is renowned for clean cut, effortless chic and vivid colours, continues to offer irresistible favourite pieces to people around the world, providing the perfect wardrobe to men and women.

agnès b. is more than fashion. Inspired by Agnès’ passion for art and culture, agnès b. has fashion alternatives with galerie du Jour (gallery), cinéma (cinema), Fleuriste (florist), La Maison Sur l’Eau (travel concept store), Le Pain Grillé (deli), Café L.P.G. (café) and Délices (chocolate boutique).

With quality, precision and difference, fantasia of agnès b. keeps growing in Asia, America and Europe. Let’s explore the world of agnès b.!